Historic Church...
...Modern Faith!

St. John's is an "atypical typical church." Our building looks very traditional. Our worship style is very traditional. Our outlook and welcome, however, are not what you might think of as traditional. At St. John's, we want you to know that no matter who you are, you are welcome -in every way- from the moment you arrive. You'll see our pastor and some of our long-term members in the parking lot every Sunday, offering welcome and assisting with any needs. Inside the building you'll find helpful people who will be glad to get you pointed towards the sanctuary and/or show you around our resource areas for children and families!

In the sanctuary, you might be further welcomed by someone who asks you if you'd like to sit with them or if they could sit with you. We know that church styles can be different and this is our way of helping you to not feel lost your first time experiencing ours! You are always welcome to decline, though, if you'd like to have a more private time. Our worship is very traditional in the way it feels, with pipe organ, The Lord's Prayer, Responsive Psalms, sung Glorias and Alleluias, and a host of other liturgical things. What you might notice, however, is that while our worship reflects 2,000 years of tradition, our celebration is anything but staid and musty. We like to talk about worship as a time where "a family of faith" comes together to learn and to praise. So, we laugh, we joke, we hug, and sometimes we cry as we worship together as a family at St. John's. 

After the worship service, we often have a small time of fellowship in the downstairs hall. Often this is a free light luncheon of sorts that is put on by various groups and families in the church. Once a month, we have a carry-in meal, where we share in fun, food, and friendship. These fellowship events are open to all persons -whether you've been at St. John's for 50 years or 5 minutes! 

Whether you worship with us regularly, or only occasionally, we at St. John's are thrilled to have you in our family of faith. We are excited to meet you, just because you're you. We value you, not for what others tell you that you should be, but for who you are right here and now. We aren't worried about your politics, your history, who you love, how you love, or anything else. We're just glad to share life, faith, and friendship with you on the journey of faith!