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Caring for Caregivers

There is no greater honor than being able to care for another person. Often, however, there is no greater stress than being entrusted with such great responsibility. Many times, the pressures, obstacles, and frustrations of caregiving can make caregivers feel isolated and depressed. Caring for Caregivers is designed as a monthly gathering of like-minded people who work to welcome, support, laugh, and love with one another in the midst of caregiving. While we are not a therapy or counseling group, in the sharing of community and the sharing of our stories, we hope to bring joy to those who are caring for others.

If you are looking for help with the care of an aging person, please contact the Area Agency on Aging 

Also, caring.com offers a number of resources for the Dayton area and surrounding areas. 

(Please note: St. John's UCC offers these items as resource only and does not endorse or recommend any specific entities. Please make all decisions about elder-care with a knowledgable professional.)